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ROI of a B2B e-commerce platform may be very high. However, if you make a mistake in choosing the system you may lose the invested money and risk of not getting the competitive advantage. Choosing a B2B e-commerce platform can be hard task. While it may seem that all e-commerce systems have similar features it is very important to assess benefits of each platform before choosing one. You have to consider all the features that your organization can benefit from now and will benefit years later.

Key Features
  • Easy management system
  • Reports
  • Forecast
  • Search
  • Multiple warehouses
  • Process returns
  • Order approval
  • Minimum order
Tool for sales representatives
  • App for reps
  • Offline app
  • Quick order
  • Stock level
  • Individualized price lists
  • Pricing model
Comfort of the clients
  • Account for clients
  • Promotions and bulk discounts
  • Tax calculation
  • Scheduling meetings with reps
  • Edit or cancel order
  • Schedule delivery
  • Invoicing
Customer account with multiple users
  • Business clients often have more than one employee handling purchasing and procurement. If they all use a single account for accessing your B2B platform, they will be disappointed, because all their order history and settings will be messed up. On the hand, if they all have completely separate accounts they will be upset, because they will not be able to share one payment and billing set up and to combine reports. Vision24 B2B e-commerce platforms has a flexible solution for this issue and allow customers having one shared business account with multiple user accounts.
Email marketing
  • Vision24 B2B e-commerce platform provide a lot of valuable information about your clients and their buying behavior. Don’t let this information to be stored without any use. Connect email service providers to your system and organize an email marketing campaign. Use powerful cross-selling and upselling techniques to get even more benefits.
Request a quote
  • In the B2B environment often companies deal with very complex products and creating an ultimate price list for all offered products is not possible. In this case your ecommerce platform allow your clients to ask a quote for the chosen list of products and services. You will be able to calculate the price and answer to the request with confidence.
B2B & B2C
  • To attract and convert customers, it is crucial for ecommerce businesses to have the right SEO web content. Customers visiting your online store need to feel confident in your store and the quality of your products. Simple product descriptions and minimal web pages are no longer good enough. The ecommerce industry is highly competitive and your online store needs the right combination of optimized content for search engines and engaging content for consumers. At New Business Dimensions, our writers are skilled in creating web content for online stores in a wide variety of industries. This includes product descriptions, company web pages, blog posts, how-to articles and meta tags.

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