Designed to collect, store and analyze relevant data from sensors implemented in different sections of the monitored geographic area.

SEMS - Smart Environment Monitoring System

Smart Environment Monitoring System is a computed platform having both types of components, hardware and software, a platform that enables the development of software solutions for remote monitoring and control of equipments installed in various geographic locations, equipments that collects data from the location where it is located and send this data to cloud.

The Azure IoT Hub provides reliable and secure communication between IoT devices.
It also establishes bi-directional communication between each device and the Azure cloud.
With Azure IoT Hub you can send messages:
- from a device to the cloud – e.g. temperature values provided by a sensor connected to an IoT device, sent for analysis, and
- from the cloud to a device – e.g. a message with software update payload.
The IoT Hub supports multiple messaging patterns, such as device-to-cloud telemetry, file upload from devices and health monitoring of connected devices.

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