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BIND Cloud Platform

BIND Platform

Banking – an industry who is operating in a very regulated environment needs an accurate Reporting System

  • Single version of truth
  • Quality of data in reports
  • Possibility to investigate through data
  • In time reports
  • Data quality for achieving compliance
  • Heterogeneous IT systems (apps and DB)
  • Data synchronization in different reporting system might be different
  • Needs for reporting is on the spot
Ideal Solution
  • Centralized reporting system
  • Internal validation mechanism for data quality in reports
  • Business knowhow inside the platform for risk and financial managers
  • Understanding of business and IT requirements
  • Working on a “known road” based on experience
  • Deliver an end-to-end project and supporting for go live;
Desired Outcomes
  • Out of the box reporting platform for statutory reporting requirements
  • Cross-check mechanism for data validation
  • Predefined reporting templates
  • Client will have single source of data in ports with validation mechanism inside
  • All statutory reports are predefined
  • Governance for master data and report catalog

BIND Platform on MS SQL and Power BI

Using MS SQL and POWER BI on BIND Platform we cover all possible functionalities and request that a client could have in terms of IT, security and business;

Performance, Security and Administration
  • Having all benefits from MS SQL 2016/2017 nearby, requirements as: data partitioning, compression, advanced security for GDPR compliance, in-memory, column store, advanced analytics are not anymore a pain!
User benefits and interface value
  • Using graphic design from Power BI, each user easily can create his dashboard
  • Enhanced scalability in terms of new module and new reports its on user click
Time to act
  • New report deployment can be easily done using MS tools
  • Complex algorithms are now easy to calculate using R & Python language

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